Silva rerum

It is so hot. All friends at home and there is nobody to brag about my Res. CACIB

Judge: Eva Liljekvist Borg (SE)

Braden run in Champion Class and won exc. 1, CAC and Res. CACIB.

Do you know that our first cocker spaniel was born here

I showed Braden the house where our first English cocker spaniel was born on October, 1977. We bought him rather casually instead of planned red bitch. That way our cocker adventure started.

Niedziela, 25.09.2016.

At the palace fountain

We drove for a short excursion on the last September Saturday. The town is rather not interested for dogs but fortunately there is palace in the centre with the park around.

Judge: Tina Peixoto (P)

Braden run in Champion Class and won  exc. 1, CAC, CACIB and BOS.

23.07.2016 International Show in Częstochowa - CAC, CACIB, Best Dog

Judge: Tatjana Urek (SLO)

Braden run in Champion class and got: exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, Best Dog.


Zaprojektowany przez Jakuba Kubickiego klasycystyczny pałac w Młochowie

Dotarliśmy z Bradenem do Młochowa z pięknym i rozległym parkiem i pałacem zaprojektowanym przez Jakuba Kubickiego, znanego przede wszystkim z nadania Belwederowi jego obecnego kształtu i zaprojektowania "arkad Kubickiego" pod Zamkiem Królewskim w Warszawie.

In front of the palace in Dłużew. On right local mongrel who clearly treated Braden as an intruder

We went with Braden to Dłużew, where years ago with his predecessor  Gawin we watched a beautiful park on Świder river.

This time it did not work. A slightly jagged mongrel appeared, who recognized Braden as an intruder and forced us to go away.

On Line vom Schloss Hellenstein, Radom 2015, dosk.1, CWC (CAC) i BOS

Judge: Dusko Piljevic (SRB).
Braden was shown in Champion Class and got exc.1, CWC (CAC) and BOS.

11.07.2015 CACIB i nominacja na Crufts 2016 (CACIB and qualification for Crufts 2016)

Judge: Andrzej Szutkiewicz (PL)

Braden was shown in Champion Class and got exc. 1 with CWC (CAC), CACIB, BOS and qualification for Crufts 2016.

He feels appreciated.