Mińsk Mazowiecki

Posted: October 2, 2016

To gdzie teraz pójdziemy?
Where we go now?

We drove for a short excursion on the last September Saturday. The town is rather not interested for dogs but fortunately there is palace in the centre with the park around. 

The palace built by Stanisław Warszycki in the XVII century and owned by Doria-Dernałowicze family till 1944 is now — at least according to us — the main atraction of the town.

According to Braden the park — althought rather uncared-for — was much more interesting than the palace. He found the nice grass to wallow in and in his opinion is the the best way to relax. Please try if you do not believe.




At the palace fountain
Short consultation
Small houses behind the palace, and such a freak in front of the first.  I'm so small, and it is so great
So, where we will go now?
In the historic park
Rolling in the grass really lifts your spirits. I advise you to try