How it started

Posted: June 30, 2013

Lalunia  – a predecessor of our cocker spaniels

Dogs have been living with us for ever. I had once an Alsatian called Bari, then a red dachshund called Aga. My wife Ania (Ann) had once a tiny, white, multi-racial dog called Lalunia. However, a day came when our flats got empty. No dog was running towards us wagging his/her tail to lick us behind our ears – those who knew how to simply just love, truly and disinterested, were just missing.

Ania was dreaming of a golden cocker spaniel girl without any pedigree.

It was second half of ’70. That time city streets were full of cocker spaniels, and newspapers full of ads “Cocker spaniel puppies for sale…”. We spotted an ad: „Silver pedigree cocker spaniels for sale” or something like that. Our interest was heavily attracted by the term “silver” – we just had to see those puppies. That way we wandered to Mr & Mrs Kreczmer’s house in the Saska Kępa Warsaw district, where we were enthusiastically greeted by Chalka, mother of the puppies and Grato, her son from the previous litter.

We have never seen such coloration in cocker spaniels – adult dogs had white fur  woven with black hairs (which resulted in a silvery appearance known as blue roan ), spotted with black patches. Only one littermate was offered for sale: a white-black puppy without woven colours. Squealing quietly he climbed our arms, snuggled up, licked and… stayed with us for the next 13 years.

It was our first pedigree dog officially called Sonet od Kreczmerów, son of Sandstorm of Hilltop and Chalka z Vymyslenky. At home just Smyk (“kid”).

So this is how it all started…