Braden’s story

Posted: June 30, 2013

In Kolben
In Kolben

Three month old puppy came a long way to Warsaw from Kolben near the Bodensee lake near the place where borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland converge (about 1250 km).

We selected a name for him and started to call him. He didn’t react as though he didn’t hear even if his hearing was all right. After three days of unsuccessful attempts we gave up – we thought he did not take a liking to the name so we switched to another... but the result was the same.

A few days after coming to Warsaw
A few days after coming to Warsaw

We judged it necessary to try again (third time lucky) and we called him Braden. This time he immediately came running wagging his tail. Evidently he liked the name. So, he became Braden.

Braden is our first cocker spaniel whose tail was left uncut. At the beginning we were a bit stressed since we had to constantly pay attention not to let his brush be trapped in car doors etc. Doorless elevator in our apartment block is the worst concern since it could easily tear our puppy’s tail off on its way to the 10th floor we are living on. Luckily Braden promptly learned to sit down at the lift corner far away from the unprotected cabin-wall gap. Our neighbours sometimes won­dered why the dog was sitting in the corner as if fixed to the cabin floor, even if someone was talking to him – but he just took note of the fact that elevator is not a proper place for socializing both with humans and with other dogs.

With time we stopped to be surprised by his reactions. Apparently we have run into an extraordinary dog, the most intelligent of all we had so far. He understands us perfectly, although sometimes – usually when he’s in a very good mood or in a tide of gallows humour – banters with us with a smile on his muzzle (yes, he can smile).

Braden arouses in humans tenderness and willingness for caresses. When he cheerfully marches with a smile on his muzzle and wagging his tail, passers-by often ask whether they can stroke him. Being a friend of Ms Ann who works in a nearby newspaper stand, he eagerly calls her for “due” portion of caresses each time they meet; if she’s just busy with a customer, he’s groaning his protest and claims. He also made a nearby tailor his good acquaintance, to whom he likes to drop in for crisp pastry. He is with recognition received at a florist and at a haberdashery. One cannot help noticing his goodness. He attracts as a magnet, of course unless you find animals repulsive to yourself  in general.

At last they have appreciated... The first CWC
At last they have appreciated... The first CWC

Braden is a prying traveller who likes to get to know new terrains and to explore yet undiscovered places. If he especially liked some stroll, as soon as we are back in our car he stands on the back seat, waits until we take our front seats, and licks our ears to express his gratitude for the attraction. If we happen to select a stroll route already known to him, he drags his feet over the neighbourhood without any enthusiasm. Therefore to make him happy in our strolls we are constantly exploring new places and looking for yet undiscovered terrains.

After many years of not attending dog shows (remember that Braden’s predecessor, Gawin, lived for almost 18 years) we resumed chasing the show rings. In June 2012 Braden became the Champion of Poland. Our third cocker and the third champion. We still are attending shows. Braden likes to present himself, while we like to show him off – in spite of all those years that went by we are still infected with show competition fever. 

Now the things are as they always should be. Each morning as soon as we wake up, our beloved four-paw creature is greeting us as though to re-assure us we are  not alone. We’ve got a friend who will certainly not let us down.


W Kolben (In Kolben)
Psy w kennelu vom Schloss Hellenstein (Dogs in vom Schloss Hellenstein kennel)
Kilka dni po przyjeździe do Warszawy (A few days after coming to Warsaw)
Dziwny jest ten świat (Strange is this world)
Wreszcie docenili... Pierwsze CWC (At last they have appreciated... The first CWC)
Jego psia mość w całej okazałości (His doggy majesty in all his grandeur)
Czy mnie znajdą? (Will they be able to find me?)
Ze śniegiem zawsze są kłopoty (Snow always means some troubles)
Słodka drzemka (Sweet nap)