Braden’s roots

Posted: June 30, 2013

Braden’s roots are here
Dog’s paradise is situated near that house

Braden (who actively participated in selecting his name) was born on February 22, 2009 in the well-known vom Schloss Hellenstein kennel situated near Bad Wurzach in Germany. The kennel’s history may be traced back to the turn of ‘50 and ’60 in 20th century (see the history).

Crowd of piebald dogs in the kennel

Plenty of room for running

Kennel’s building behind the house is from three sides surrounded by a large paddock


Braden was one of eight puppies in the offspring of Lizzy and Ior.

Mother: Kolbenkoenigin vom Schloss Hellenstein
Kolbenkoenigin vom Schloss
Hellenstein (Lizzy)
Father: Westerner Timekeeper
Westerner Timekeeper (Ior)


Braden's pedigree (On Line vom Schloss Hellenstein)

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Stąd pochodzi Braden (Braden’s roots are here)
Tłum łaciatych w kennelu (Crowd of piebald dogs in the kennel)
Dużo miejsca do biegania (Plenty of room for running)
Matka (mother): Kolbenkoenigin vom Schloss Hellenstein
Ojciec (father): Westerner Timekeeper