The walks around Warsaw Old City and the neighborhood

Posted: November 22, 2013

In front of Fukier Winery
Braden doesn't like so many razzle-dazzle decorations on noble walls of old Fukier Winery


The walks around Warsaw Old City doesn't enjoy Braden at all. He has visited this part of the town too often. The curious dog traveller likes to see always something new. According to him there is no sense to come back time and time again to the places already sniffed several times.

Czyżbym wystraszył turystów?

Empty Piwna (Beer) Street. No beer and no tourists

Braden recommends the story about old Fukier Winery (in Polish).


Lepiej ominąć to wielkie zwierzę (It's better to pass by this large creature)
Czyżbym wystraszył turystów? (Maybe tourists were afraid of me and ran away?)
Gada i gada... Pójdę sobie (He is talking and talking... I must go for a walk)
Przed Winiarnią Fukierowską (In front of Fukier Winary)
Gołębie, gołębie, prawie jak w Krakowie (Pigeons and pigeons almost as in Cracow)
Obok lodziarni. Bradenku, za zimno na lody (Near ice-cream shop. Braden, it's really too cold for ice-cream)
Na Rynku tłok, na Piwnej pusto (Near Market Square is so crowded and Piwna Street almost empty)
Czas na odpoczynek (At last we can take a rest)